The following Tracking-Systems can be used as part of a collaboration:

Device NameMeasurement MethodeMeasurement RangeAccuracy
Atracsys FusionTrack 500optical with passive and wireless active markers0,7 m - 2,8 m0.09 mm - 0,15 mm RMS
Atracsys accuTrack 250optical with active markers0,105 m - 3 m< 0,3 mm - < 0,5 mm RMS
NDI Hybrid Polaris Spectraoptical with active and passive markers0,95 m - 3 m0,25 mm - 0,5 mm
NDI Polaris Optical Tracking Systemoptical with active and passive markersup to 2,4 m0,35 mm
NDI Passive Polaris Spectraoptical with passive markers0,95 m - 2,4 m0,25 mm - 0,3 mm
NDI Aurora Systemelectro magnatic0,48 m radius and 0,61 m high0,6 mm - 1,4 mm and 0,3° - 0,4° RMS
Ascension Technology 3d Guidanceelectro magnatic+-0,76 m in every direction, +-180° Azimuth und Roll, +-90° Elevation1,4 mm and 0,5° RMS

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